Games Coin - Fusion of Gaming and Blockchain

Do you remember the launch of Bitcoin?
It was issued at a rate of 1:1 in 2011 and has performed really nicely over the years.

Another big event is about to happen. The gamer world is facing a major transformation and merger with the blockchain. We still have the opportunity to participate in the new Games Coin until the GDC / Game Developers Conference from March 21-25 in San Francisco. After that, the Gamescoin will be tradable and used as currency for numerous online games and NFT.

The entry price for investors is currently still very low - but the commercial value is already considerably higher. Who wants more information about this?

A good video summary and full explanation can be found here:
https://vimeo.com/517058410 The required password is: Ecosystem

If you would like to be there yourself, I would like to welcome you to

IDAA Games COIN (<--registration link)
at the start of a new era.


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